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Racha S'Miles ~ Racha Fora's Tribute To Miles

Hiro Honshuku
Racha S'Miles ~ Racha Fora's Tribute To Miles

Racha Fora, a quintet consisting of a Brazilian rhythm section (guitar, bass and pandeiro) and two Japanese musicians on the front line (flute and violin) is proud to release “Racha Fora’s Tribute To Miles”. To accompany the theme, Dave Liebman who was one of the key personnels to Miles’ music, is featured as a special guest.

Racha Fora

Hiro Honshuku

"Let's go!" is one of the many possible translations of Racha Fora (pronounced "hasha fora"), but the one most apropos to this ensemble might be "branch line"—in this case running from Brazil to Japan, a link older and deeper than you might imagine. Racha Fora's sound is, appropriately, at once delicate and propulsive, acoustic and electronic, and fleet of finger and mind.

So long George. Thank you for bringing amazing music to us.

So Long George Russell

July 27, 2009

21 years with one of the most amazing jazz composers, I am revisiting the things he taught me one by one. -Hiro

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Here We Go

Hiro Honshuku and the A-NO-NE Trio

“Hiro Honshuku is a man of many parts — virtuoso flutist, imaginative composer, capable visual artist and gifted teacher. A composer is always heartened to learn he has been an influence in a musician's life; Hiro has taken what he learned from the Lydian Concept and used it as I had intended it to be used — to fashion his own unique voice. Drawing from his experience of growing up in Japan, studying European traditional music, and coming to the jazz idiom as a young man, his music is pan-cultural and compelling.

Hiro Honshuku and the Trio La Luna

Hiroaki Honshuku

This CD marks the debut of Hiro Honshuku's Trio La Luna. The three Boston based musicians—Honshuku on flute and EWI, Casper Gyldensøe on guitar, and Alex Raymond Busby Smith on bass, sound as if they've been playing together for a considerably longer time than the nine months of their association. This CD was recorded live in the studio; the intuitive interplay among these three superb musicians is remarkable. An overarching ensemble feeling is evident throughout the music, even though the group had never before performed some of the tunes.

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