MachFive 3 Demo

Progressive jazz improv featuring a custom programmed MachFive synth lead sound played via an EWI.

This original improvisation created and perfomed by Hiroaki Honshuku (all rights reserved) consists of three bass tracks, using MachFive 3's J-Bass and The Upright scripted instruments, along with a Fender Slap preset from the Universal Loops & Instruments sound bank. The percussion track consists of sounds from Percussiv triggered by MachFive 3's Arpeggiator event processor. You'll also hear Star Drums and the Telematic Bridge Lite in Chord mode. The lead sound is a custom synth patch programmed from scratch in MachFive 3 using the Analog Triangle Wave and Wavetable Xpander Pulse Wave oscillators. The lead sound was performed with an EWI controller, with the latter part of the solo played through MachFive's Chorder Script Processor.