Breath Training Game 長い息のためのゲーム感覚練習

This is a game I used to play for myself every day. Download the attached PDF.  Set your metronome to 60 bpm, and play as written.  It is written so you add note after note one by one, getting harder and harder.  Until you find the way to support your air compression with your diaphram, you will run out of your breath way before you reach the bottom.

You can only try once a day!

When you fail, take a note where you failed, and waite until next day you have another chance to try. You have only one chance a day, that rule gives you the focus.  It took me about 8 month before I got to the bottom.

Try mimicking/imaging the intake breath when you are surprised and shocked. This is not for the speed of intake but to widen the air path from your mouth to your diaphram. 

毎日必ずやっていた練習ゲームのひとつです。まず添付のPDFファイルをダウンロードして下さい。メトロノームを60 bpmにセットし、譜面の通りに、止まらずに演奏して下さい。一個ずつ音が増えていくので少しずつつらくなってくるはずです。横隔膜で支えを作って空気の圧力をコントロールすることをからだが覚えるまでは譜面の半分もいかないかもしれません。