Hiro's Plogue Bidule Setup

Many thanks to Sebastien Beaulieu of Plogue

MacBook Pro 2.4GHz/2GB OSX10.4.10 keyboard assignment as of 10/7/2007

Bidule HID Data Extractor

Bidule maps Mac/PC keyboard to MIDI value.

Data Extractor is grouped. To see the grouped object, expanding from the context menu opens the GUI shown at the top of this page.

As you can see the Data Extractor Block at the top of this page is too cluttered. Bidule let you sub group further. Here is the new Data Extractor Block I am working on.

Subgroup: Single Key Extractor

Subgroup: Double Key extractor for keys such as Up/Down Arrow keys

Bidule Known Issues

  • Kontakt2 .aupreset crashes Bidule
    While Bidule stores Kontakt2 samples and their settings, this makes impossible to save preset within Kontakt2 Stand Alone application
  • Saved Bidule presets will not show up until you reopen the project file
  • Bidule does not honor .aupresets sub directories
    SoundToys preset list is huge. They are organized by sub directories. Other DAW hosts such as Digital Performer honors these sub directories, while Bidule prints them all as one massively long list.
  • HID Data Extractor catches keyboard events even when Bidule is in background
    This will make impossible to write email while Bidule is running.
  • Bidule project file does not store HID device