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How to Fight Cold Back a la Hiro

Hiro's Health Guide

~ I haven't been sick since 1994 ~

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  • INTRO: Immune System

  • People getting sick too often.

    • Is your immune system strong? I believe the current state of the environment is contributing people's weaker immune system.
  • I used to be like that, too.

    • Until I paid real attention, my immune system was not that strong either.
  • I started 2 things:
    • Changed diet
    • Hot Tub

  • Changing Diet

    • I learned that chemically produced additives in our food began early 1950’s.  In my personal opinion, these chemicals and insecticides in our food contributes destroying antibody and weaken our immune system, and is helping the increase of cancer and allergy.

  • I used to drink Coca Cola
    • One of the examples: I used to drink Coke 1 litter bottle a day. Coke and most of the soft drinks (and even commercial OJ) contains artificial chemicals, namely phosphorus to make taste better, which is harmful to human body.
  • I drastically went on cold turkey.
  • Interestingly, when I had Coke a month later, I was not even able to drink it without getting sick. As ex-smoker usually hates smoker, I was no longer able to stand the taste of Coke. This made me believe how bad Coke was to my body.
  • Junk food has chemically produced M.S.G.
    • M.S.G. is a key component of pleasing taste, which is found in mushrooms and seaweeds. Commercial food uses cheap ingredients and fast process time. They cannot produce pleasing taste so they add chemically produced M.S.G. The process of producing M.S.G. is the issue. They burn sugarcane into tar, make it into powder, and whiten it. It is made from tar, and that is why it destroys antibody, not to mention it is highly addictive.
  • I started to read the list of the ingredients, and stop eating anything that has M.S.G. artificial colors, and preservatives whenever possible.
  • A month or so later, I had a show at a Chinese restaurant, where I was fed with M.S.G. To my surprise, I started to feel numbness on my tongue, and got a light headache, which I learned later I was experiencing so called Chinese Food Syndrome from its M.S.G. My body started to learn how bad M.S.G. can be.
  • Avoid chemicals in food when possible
    • Artificial colors
    • Preservatives
    • Artificial flavors
  • Buy organic food when possible
    • I only buy organic food. Granted, you cannot believe the label blindly, but it must be better than conventional food on the shelf, I believe.
  • Grow organic veggies little by little
    • We started to grow tomatoes and cucumbers with organic soil.

  • Emergency Recovery Plan: Hot Tub

    • Once in a while, I do too get a feeling something is coming down on me, but I always recover by next morning. I use hot bath to flush my system.
    • Warning: This method will not work if you are coughing. It will make your coughing worse.
  • First, you fill your bath Tub with hot water.
  • Sink yourself, but do not cover your heart. It will make your body weaker. In the beginning, you might feel cold shoulder but it will pass quickly. Make sure you add hot water before the water gets colder from your body temperature when you first sink in.
  • In 10-15 minutes, you will start sweating a lot. If you don't then water isn't hot enough. Remember not to cover your heart, or you can't stay in the water long.
  • As soon as you start sweating, start drinking mineral water - a lot.
    • It needs to be mineral water such as Poland Spring or Evian.
  • Keep adding hot water to maintain the water temperature.
  • Since your upper body is out of the water, your hand is dry so you can start reading books, or just listen to some music.
  • After 30-60 minutes of sweating and adding mineral water to your body, your body is flushed. Next morning, you are as good as new.

  • No OJ!

  • Against the public belief! No OJ!
    • It is too acidic, and will weaken your body staring from stomach.
  • Take Vitamin Pills
    • Instead of OJ, you need to take vitamins from pills, especially C. Mind you that if it is chemically produced vitamin C, it will go down the toilet because your body will not take it. You need naturally produced vitamin C pills.
  • Cranberry Juice helps
    • On the other hand, Cranberry juice, while it might contain sugar, will help flush your system. Make sure to avoid ones with colors and preservatives.
  • Most importantly, drink a lot of mineral water!