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Please Help Japan

Help Japan

Please Help Japan

The news may have been giving the impression Japan is recovering, but the crisis is far from over. Adding to the Nuke crisis, things are getting worse by the hour. People in the upper half of Japan continue to suffer. There is a lack of food and energy resources such as electricity and fuel.

A massive force of volunteers are running to secure the resources but the fund is limited.

Please go to Japanese Red Cross to make a donation using PayPal. It will help the volunteer workers a great deal.  (Later I found American Red Cross takes transfer fee from the donation before reaching to Japan). 

American Red Cross

To help fundraising during during our performance, I did a quick and dirty arrangement of a famous Japanese Folksong, さくらさくら (Sakura, Sakura - Cherry Blossom).  Performed live by Rika Ikeda : 池田里花 on violin, Mauricio Andrade on guitar, Rafael Russi on bass, and yours truly on flute.

さくらさくら (Sakura, Sakura) by madflute

Here is a newly composed Jazz Orchestra version of さくらさくら (Sakura, Sakura), performed by Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra.

Sakura Sakura For Jazz Orchestra by Hiroaki Honshuku by madflute