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Hiro's Plogue Bidule Setup

Many thanks to Sebastien Beaulieu of Plogue

MacBook Pro 2.4GHz/2GB OSX10.4.10 keyboard assignment as of 10/7/2007

  • [1] Kontakt2 JaBB Trumpet
  • [2] Kontakt2 JaBB Harmon
  • [3] Kontakt2 JaBB Trombone
  • [4] Kontakt2 JaBB Tuba
  • [5] n/a
  • [6] MachFive2 Shakuhachi
  • [7] MachFive2 Bamboo Flute
  • [8] MachFive2 Harmonica
  • [9] MachFive2 Penny Whistle
  • [C] SoundToys Crystalizer
  • [D] PSP 84
  • [K] Engage/Disengage Kontakt2 block
  • [D] Engage/Disengage MachFive2 block
  • [O] Waves GTR Overdrive (EWI)
  • [P] Waves GTR Pitcher (Flute)
  • [S] Stereo to Mono by image width to center then -6db
  • [T] Tap Tempo to Crystalizer and PSP 84
  • [Up/Down] Reverb Send Amount
  • [Left/Right] Delay Send and Crystalizer Send Amount
  • [Left Bracket/Right Bracket] GTR Pitcher Shift Amount