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Noriko Terada(寺田典子)

Born in Japan, Noriko Terada originally started her musical life with the piano at he age of 3. Later at the age of 11, she began playing the percussion which she quickly fell in love with.

Noriko Terada is internationally known for her percussion recordings with hugely popular video game series, Final Fantasy XIII-3 Lightning Returns by Square Enix ( February 2014 on sale in USA, Europe). As a very successful studio musician and multi-percussionist, she has performed at numerous famous venues and festivals/conventions including Carnegie Hall, Blue Note NY, Montreal Jazz Festival, TED Conference, Boston Symphony Hall, , PAX EAST, Beantwon Jazz Festival, Anime Central, Agganis Arena,Viana do Castelo International Music Festival in Europe, Asia, Australia and USA. Also she joined multi award-winning group called TAP DOGS in October 2012 in Australia.

In Japan, she is recognized as major record label artist(JVC Victor Entertainment, Japan) and she has been performing as a member of the group Flangia, well known music bell & percussion band. The group has appeared on TV programs, magazines, radio and countless live events.

After graduating Berklee College of Music, Noriko has shown so much versatility in musical styles including Musical Theatre, World music, Afro-Brazilian music, Pop, R&B, Rock, Jazz and Classical.She was heavily involved in various bands on the east coast and has performed and recorded internationally. She performed with top artists and groups such as Alan Slilvestri (composer of film “Back to the Future”), Don Was (Producer of Rolling Stones), Anjelique Kidjo (Grammy award singer), John Weston (Producer of Beyonce, Shakira, Yo-To-Ma), Nobuo Uematsu(composer for Final Fantasy), Masashi Hamauzu(IMERUAT), Women of the World, Video Game Orchestra, Mr.Ho's Orchestrotica,Chris Florio Band, Yuki Kanesaka Band and Rhythm of the Universe.

寺田典子 パーカッショニスト



2013年11月21日発売のファイナルファンタジーXIII-3 Lightning Returns(byスクエア・エニックス) オフィシャルサウンドトラックCDでパーカッションパートを担当。


これまでにNYのブルーノートジャズクラブ、カーネギーホール、カナダのモントリオール国際ジャズフェスティバル、TED Talks, ボストンシンフォニーホール等、数々のイベントやコンサート会場で演奏。