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Rafael Russi

Rafael Russi's infectious personality and creativity on both bass and guitar hooks and fascinates every music lover. Mixing influences from his brazilian childhood , R&B and jazz improvisation, the New York based guitarist, bassist and composer has earned a reputation as a respected artist in the competitive New England scene.

"His ideas are virtually endless, which comes from his vast knowledge of so many different kinds of musical styles that he mixes to create his own" says Hiro Honsuku.

Picking up the guitar at the age of 11, Russi started his musical career playing in local bands throughout his teens in Passo Fundo - Brazil. After listening to the sounds of Trane, Miles and Shorter, Rafael decided to dive into the jazz world and moved to São Paulo where he lived for 3 years. In this diverse cosmopolitan city Rafael was exposed to and influenced by the sounds of the new generation of jazz artists such as Kurt Rosenwinkel, Chris Potter and Brian Blade. Attending Souza Lima Conservatory he studied and played with names like Lupa Santiago, Sizão Machado, Nene, Vitor Alcantra, Daniel Alcantra, Guilherme Ribeiro, among others. His solid development led him to a scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston. In the U.S, he refined his craft by studying with top jazz artists like Mick Goodrick, Tim Miller, Dave Santoro and Hal Crook. Rafael graduated from Berklee in May 2011 and since than has been playing with different groups and artists such as Hiro Honsuku (George Russell, Mike Stern), Bob Pilkington, Darrell Katz (JCA Orchestra), Gustavo Assis-Brasil, Fernando Saci, Victor Gould, Jonathan Greenstein, Kyle Miles and Ayal Tsubery to name a few. His versatility has also led him to play with singers like Jill Peacock, Tais Alvarenga and Marcela Camargo. Currently Rafael is working on a new project with Mauricio Andrade (Brazillian guitarist). The group will feature a mix of South American grooves, improvisation and a chamber music vibe with arrangements and original music from both Russi and Andrade.



11歳でギターを始め、地元Passo Fundo(パソフンド、ブラジル)でローカルバンドのギターリストとして10代にしてプロのキャリアを始める。コルトレーン、マイルス、ショーターを耳にしてジャズに興味を持ち、São Paulo(サン・パウロ、ブラジル)に移住し、Souza Lima Conservatoryで3年間勉強。Kurt Rosenwinkel、Chris Potter、Brian Bladeなどの新世代のジャズに影響を受ける。在学中Lupa Santiago、Sizão Machado、Nene、Vitor Alcantra、Daniel Alcantra、Guilherme Ribeiro等に師事し、共演者として抜擢された。ここでの功績が認められ、米ボストンのバークリー音楽大学に奨学生として入学。Mick Goodrick、Tim Miller、Dave Santoro、Hal Crookなどのトップミュージシャンに師事し、2011年に卒業。Hiro Honsuku (George Russell, Mike Stern)、Bob Pilkington、Darrell Katz (JCA Orchestra)、Gustavo Assis-Brasil、Fernando Saci、Victor Gould、Jonathan Greenstein、Kyle Miles、Ayal Tsubery等のサイドマンとして活躍している。また、シンガーの伴奏者としても著名であり、Jill Peacock、Tais Alvarenga、Marcela Camargo等のステージでも活躍する。かたわら自分自身の新しいプロジェクトにも多忙。ブラジル人ギタリストのモーリシオ・アンドラージと組み、南アメリカのグルーヴをミックスし、インプロやチェンバー音楽をベースにオリジナル音楽をフィーチャーする。