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Racha Fora: Annual Funky Grooving A-NO-NE Christmas at Longy

12/15/2011 - 8:00pm
Hiro Honshuku and the A-NO-NE Christmas by Racha Fora

This concert will be streamed live!

"Each year A-NO-NE Ensemble, a Jazz and Brazilian influenced music group formed in the late 80's by virtuoso flutist Hiro Honshuku from Kamakura, Japan brings his audience a delightfully improvisational take on traditional holiday favorites. A-NO-NE Christmas concerts, performed each year in different venues throughout New England, include upbeat selections from their "A-NO-NE Christmas" and "Not That Silent Night" CDs. Selections of traditional Christmas hymnals recomposed by Hiro Honshuku, using twisted harmony structure, influenced by George Russell's Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization, coupled with a Brazilian jazz groove. It will be a heavily grooving international Christmas night!" --Anita Coelho

"Congratulations to Hiro Honshuku and the A-No-Ne Christmas. Not That Silent Night is an outstanding jazz instrumental album that will render even the coldest December night far cooler." --Carol Swanson, ChristmasReviews.com

"Hiro Honshuku is a man of many parts virtuoso flutist, imaginative composer, capable visual artist and gifted teacher. A composer is always heartened to learn he has been an influence in a musician's life; Hiro has taken what he learned from the Lydian Concept and used it as I had intended it to be used to fashion his own unique voice. Drawing from his experience of growing up in Japan, studying European traditional music, and coming to the jazz idiom as a young man, his music is pan-cultural and compelling." -- George Russell


Edward M. Pickman Concert Hall

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