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Racha Fora at Rosebud, Davis Sq with The HeartSleeves and Billy Wine

04/26/2012 - 9:00pm
Racha Fora at Rosebud, 4/26/2012

"Let's go!" is one of the many possible translations of Racha Fora, but the one most apropos to this ensemble might be "branch line"—in this case running from Brazil to Japan, a link older and deeper than you might imagine. Racha Fora's sound is, appropriately, at once delicate and propulsive, acous- tic and electronic, and fleet of finger and mind.

J. R. Carroll, July 2011, writer for artsfuse.org

Hiroshi Tokieda - bass

Rosebud Bar And Lounge

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Rosebud Bar And Lounge