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Easy preparation for CD burning from Digital Performer project

Digital Performer Tip: Easy Preparation for CD Sequencing

I often bounce CD project which contains several selections into one CD long SDII file then slice it up into multiple regions so Roxio Jam will read each selections as individual track ID when played on audio CD player.
Note that if your CD burner software does not support Region and/or Split Stereo SDII format, you'd need to export each region into AIFF file.

I am going to explain as if 2 track recording into DP file is prepared for CD burning without significant editing.

Note: the term "Selection" here is such as an individual song, a movement of a Sonata, and so on.

1) While tracking (or playing back after tracking), hit Ctrl+M to mark the selections.

Note: If you bounced from sequence which was built from multiple chunks within DP, do use existing marker for conveniences. Otherwise, you will need to do fine adjustment once tracking has stopped because Ctrl+M while running can not be that accurate.

2. Edit Marker names so they will identify each selection.

3. Have Marker window and Sequence Editor window side by side.

4. Using Marker window, locate the first marker which is the beginning of the first selection.

5. Hit F5 key, which marks the region edit start point.

6. Using Marker window, locate the second marker which is the ending of the first selection.

7. Hit F6, which marks the region edit end point.

8. Click on the track name of the target track so the first selection (Track-1) will be highlighted.

9. Hit Cmd+Y so the selection becomes an individual Soundbite (region).

10. Rename the Soundbite (regions) according to the selection name.

Note: Prefixing by number is strongly recommended so porting into a playlist will automatically sort as it appears in your project sequence.

11. While the wiper is still parked at the end of the first selection, hit F5 key so this location becomes the beginning of the next selection.

12. Go back to Step 6.

13. Delete unused regions within the SDII file you have been editing so imported playlist will contain only the numbered selections, such as 01.Track-1, 02.Track-2, and so on.

Note: Remove Unused Soundbite command will not remove junk regions. Delete command is necessary.