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Alex Raymond Busby Smith

Alex Smith was born in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. He moved to Boston, Massachusetts to attend Berklee College of Music on a merit-based scholarship in 2004. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Berklee in 2008. During his time there Alex studied privately with John Lockwood, Matthew Garrison, Jim Stinnett, Anthony Vitti, Lenny Stalworth and Hal Crook. Alex has performed with the Jazz Composer's Alliance Orchestra and Hiro Honshuku's A-No-Ne Ensemble. He has performed and/or recorded with Tiger Okoshi, Greg Hopkins, Scott deOgburn, Fred Wesley, Bob Pilkington, Jeff Galindo, Dave Harris, Norm Zocher, Casper Gyldensoe, Rick Peckham, Gustavo Assis-Brasil, Neal Itzler, Daryl Lowery, Shannon LeClaire, Tim Mayer, Allan Chase, Oliver Lake, Barry Eastmond, Carmen Staaf, Aruan Ortiz, Gilson Schachnik, George Russell Jr, Tom Hojnacki, Mark Shilansky, Pablo Bencid, Larry Finn, Dave Weigert, Ricardo Monzon, Eguie Castrillo, Winnie Dahlgren, Natalie Dietrich, and more. Raymond Alexander Busby Smith was born on November 22, 1985. When he was in 3rd grade he started learning the cello. By the time he was in 7th grade he was playing songs he heard from the radio on his cello. He would play popular songs for his friends and during orchestra practice he would play them in between pieces. On the last day of school, the conductor approached Alex and said, “You know, there’s a better instrument for what you’re doing. It’s called the bass guitar.” Alex had never heard of the bass guitar, he told his parents what his music teacher had said. On his twelfth birthday Alex was given a bass guitar by his parents. Alex would play all the time. His oldest brother, Malcolm, soon found out and introduced Alex to the music of Victor Wooten. Soon Alex learned of other great bass players such as Jaco Pastorius, John Patitucci, and Marcus Miller. Alex hasn’t looked back since.