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Asami Ueda : 上田麻美


Asami Ueda was born in Nara, Japan, having parents who have been performing together in a 17-piece Red Panther Big Jazz Orchestra. Her father, Yasusada Ueda is the lead trumpet player and her mother Noriko Ueda is the band vocalist. They embedded music in Asami even before her birth, and continued feeding it to her as she grows.

Asami, when she was 6 years old, started music lessons at Yamaha music school in Japan, and formal piano lessons at 10. She practiced at least 10 hours a day, focusing on improvisational skills as well as proficiency, and she believes it has paid off. By the time she was in high school, she has already started her professional career with her parents’ big band, and performed for 3 years until she moved to the US, where she has been studying at Berklee College of Music as a full scholarship student since 2004.

Asami takes music very seriously. She believes music is everything to her. On the other hand, her goal is to bring what she quotes “joyful excitements” to her audiences through her performances. Besides being an exceptional pianist, she also sings with gifted voice given by her mother. She is currently working on trumpet to test the gift given by her father as well.