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José Pienasola

Born January 13,1951, in Sao Roque, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Mr. Pienasola began formal classical studies in 1964 at Carlos Gomes conservatory in Sao Paulo. In 1965 Pienasola recorded and toured Japan and Europe with "Acaru", one of the greatest Brazilian Jazz group on the international jazz scene. In 1968, he joined Dick Farney quartet an extremely popular group in the bossa nova era in which he toured all over world.

Since the 60's Jose Pienasola has been performing with some of the greatest musicians such as: Jeff Stout, Garrison Fewell, Andy Bauer, Tony Lada, Mike Turk, Helio Alves, Portinho, Duduka da Fonceca, Paulo Braga, Dario Esquinasi, Cido Teixeira, Vini Pienasola, Johnny Alf, Peri Ribeiro, Lucio Alves, Francis Hime, Rosa Maria, Jamelao, Leandro Braga, Olivia Bayton, Marco Pereira, Jair Rodrigues, Victor Bighone.

In 1987 he was awarded the Clef Trophy by the Brazilian Musician Union which was given for bossa nova best performers. Mr. Pienasola is also the recipient of the ASPCN trophy (Association of Sao Paulo?s Night Clubs). Awarded full professional scholarship at Berklee College of Music in1992 when Mr. Pienasola moved to Boston. He also received outstanding performance Award at the Cambridge jazz Festival. In 1993 he toured of Japan with Marco Bosco and performed at Blue Note at Tokyo In 1994 he went on the road again with an International tour with Brazil Zum Zum Zum Brazilian dance company, 1998 Jair Rodrigues, tour of Brazil, In 1999 recorded in Brazil with; Chico Buarque, Emilio Santiago, Johnny Alf, Leandro Braga, Ze Geraldo, Denise Reis ., Beth Carvalho, Ney Matogrosso, Leny Andrade, Elba Ramalho, Zelia Duncan, Djavan ,Gal Costa, Azymute, Maria Betania, Cristina de Holanda, Zeca Pagodinho, Marcos Valle etc. Recordings in USA with Leandro Braga, Bob Minzter, Teka and Paris Garden Planet Project, Fernando Holst, Nika, Potinho, Alfredo Cardin, Joao Marcos, Mike Turk, Leny Andrade, Conexao Brazil, Now MR. Pienasola can be found performing at ; Sculler's jazz Club, Hilton Hotel, Gallery jazz festival, 150 Night Club, John Hancock, Park Plaza, Plataforma Restaurant, Coffey shop, Zinc Bar, amongst others etc.