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A-NO-NE Studio

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A-NO-NE Studio Services: DAW, MOTU-MAC, Metric Halo, and more


AES NYC 2007 Photo Album: MOTU, Metric Halo, Fxpansion, SoundToys, and more »

Winter NAMM 2007 Photo Album: MOTU, PSP, AKAI, WaveArts, and more »

A-NO-NE MIDI CC Finder Widget

About A-NO-NE MIDI CC Finder

It is difficult to memorize MIDI Continuous Control number yet you need it to program your MIDI devices such as synthesizer, virtual instrument, lighting system, etc.

This Widget let you type MIDI Continuous Control number to find its description, or find related CCs by keyword, or even finds Undefined free spaces.

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A-NO-NE DAW Disk Space Calc

About A-NO-NE DAW Disk Space Calc

Calculate how much disk space needed for digital audio recording based on bit depth, sample rate, length in time, and number of tracks.

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A-NO-NE Wave Length Calc

About A-NO-NE Wave Length Calc

In a studio environment where standing waves in a range can mess up your perception of the actual sound. A so-called standing wave is a resonating frequency between, e.g. 2 parallel walls which distance is the same (or even 2 or more times) as the actual wave length.

A-NO-NE Wave Length Calc will help you find the location of the offending reflection.

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